Stray Kids Expose Their Unexpected “Leader”

The whole group agreed.

Every STAY knows Stray KidsBang Chan is a reliable and caring leader for the group. He protects his members during performances…

Literally leads the way in unfamiliar places…

And even tries to give his members the sweetest gifts.

In the past, Bang Chan has explained how he became familiar with the position of leader before ever debuting and revealed that he actually doesn’t think of himself as a good leader.

The moment that you accept that you’re a good leader, it means that you’re not a good leader.

— Bang Chan

So in a recent WIRED interview, fans were understandably surprised when all of Stray Kids pointed out a different member for the question “Who is Stray Kids’ leader.” Without hesitation, most members pointed out Stray Kids’ maknae, I.N, who also agreed with the label.

(top, left to right) Bang Chan, Lee Know, Hyunjin, (bottom, left to right) Seungmin, I.N, and Felix | WIRED/YouTube

Bang Chan quickly explained that while he’s “the official leader,” the position can also be assigned to I.N since “the youngest is always on top.”

| WIRED/YouTube

Indeed, I.N is the “Maknae On Top,” and he’s even released a fan-favorite track by the same title.

| WIRED/YouTube

And although the group joked about putting I.N in the leader role, the idol himself has admitted that he’d be a very different leader from Bang Chan, “which makes [him] grateful that [he’s] the youngest.”

You can listen to I.N’s “Maknae On Top” here.

Source: WIRED

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