Sunmi Reveals She Desperately Wants To Get Married On “Jessi’s Showterview”

Her body language says it all.

Sunmi recently made an appearance on Jessi’s Showterview where she answered various questions that fans have been itching to find out.

| @miyayeah/Instagram

And the topic that gained particular interest is when Jessi asked Sunmi questions about boyfriends and marriage.

In a game where one had to speak in 5-syllable sentences, Jessi asked Sunmi if she has a boyfriend.

And Sunmi’s honest answer?

Unfortunately, no.

— Sunmi

That led Jessi to ask if Sunmi wants to get married.

And Sunmi’s answer was direct without any hesitation.

I really want to get married.

— Sunmi

But that’s not all! Sunmi was asked what she would want to say to her boyfriend once she gets one.

And her body language said it all.

Meaning she loves him lots.

Check out Sunmi’s hilarious interview on Jessi’s Showterview below:

Source: Insight