Sunmi Performed At The Wedding Of Her Longtime Fans Of 14 Years

Sunmi celebrated the happy occasion with the couple:

While there are already plenty of reasons to stan Sunmi including her heavenly voice and stunning moves, queen Sunmi just gave everyone one more reason to fall even harder for her after she did something special for a pair of longtime Miyane.

Image: @miyayeah/Instagram


On January 18, Sunmi headed to Instagram and posted a photo of a customized can printed with words like, “#Welcome, is this your first time at an idol fan’s wedding,” #I can’t believe my bias sang at my wedding,” and “#One and only Lee Sunmi.” And the words printed on the can were 100% true because Sunmi had just performed at her fans’ wedding!

I can’t believe a day like this is happening in my life. Live happily together, fan couple!

— Sunmi


Earlier that day, a pair of fans who have been supporting Sunmi for 14 years, got married and Sunmi herself was there to celebrate the happy occasion with them and gave a special tribute by singing “Gashina” during their wedding!


Sunmi also said a few words to the new couple, stayed behind for photos, and had plenty more adorable interactions with the couple!


Just one more reason to love Sunmi with your whole heart!