SUNMI Trending Worldwide After “Expo 2020” Performance

Sunmi is, and always will be, a queen.

SUNMI captivated hearts today during her amazing performance at Expo 2020 in Dubai. She was so impressive that #SUNMI began trending worldwide!

With dance moves like these, we can see why people can’t stop talking about her performance.

Her stage presence is addicting and fans could not help but admire her beauty.

That outfit tho.

Not only is she talented and beautiful, but she never forgets to show her miyanes how much they mean to her.

People can’t get enough of SUNMI both on and off the stage! In Ashwaq AlAtoli’s recent Instagram story, she tells her followers that SUNMI is “wonderful and just beautiful” and that their interview was “one of her best interviews.”

We can’t get enough of her either.

Check out this video of SUNMI performing “Siren” here:

Source: @hourlysunmi / Twitter and @miyayeah / Instagram