Why Super Junior L.S.S’s Debut Was Met With Extremely Negative Reactions

The subunit recently made their Korean debut.

In November 2022, Super Junior‘s sixth sub-unit, Super Junior L.S.S., made up of Leeteuk, Shindong, and Siwon, held their first fan meeting, leading to the release of their debut single, “Close The Shutter,” in July 2023.

Super Junior L.S.S. (right to left) Leeteuk, Siwon, Shindong. | @SJofficial

The group has been mostly active in Japan but, on January 22, made their official Korean debut with the release of “Suit Up.” The music video featured the three idols in a colorful and child-like setting.

Fans rejoiced at the newest Super Junior release in over a year, praising the video.

However, content shared on X of the subunit was met with extreme negativity from netizens, with many of the comments directed at their ages or accusing them of “plagiarizing” other popular trios like EXO CBX and SEVENTEEN BSS.

Usually, K-Pop fans are against minors debuting in the industry and often ask for older idols to debut in groups. This would make the hate that Super Junior L.S.S. receives hypocritical at best.

| @SJofficial

However, the reasons for the hate towards the subunit go deeper than their ages.

In 2010, member Shindong made fatphobic and misogynistic comments despite constantly dealing with hate surrounding his weight, which he later apologized for.

The idol also committed blackface in the past, which he did not acknowledge. Because of these things, Shindong often faces fatphobic comments, which many argue are never justified.

Some have criticized Leeteuk for his “DM scandals,” including an instance where he messaged a fanpage for MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo, thinking they were the 13 years younger idol.

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Over the years, Siwon has been criticized for several issues. In the past, the idol has been accused of making anti-LGBTQIA remarks on different occasions, reportedly including a transphobic joke he shared on Dear. U Bubble in April 2023.

The idol also has shown himself to be a fan of former American presidents Ronald Raegan and Donald Trump, whose policies were viewed as racist, among many other things.

Most recently, Siwon’s interaction with the Israeli ambassador in Korea, Chaim Choshen, and his attendance at the 2022 Israel-Korea Prayer Breakfast have led some to believe he supports Israel’s actions in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

The subunit also has seen issues selling tickets to their concert, which you can read more about below.

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