Netizens Are Excited To See Suzy Return To Her Idol Roots In “Doona!”

They dressed her like current generation idols.

Suzy‘s new K-Drama, Doona! will be out soon on Netflix. About an idol star who leaves her flashy life behind and goes to live in a sharehouse, she befriends an ordinary university student.

In order to play the part, Suzy dressed up in the glamorous getups that idols wear these days. Compared to her days in Miss A, she donned sparkly outfits that suited the current generation.

Suzy in Doona!.

Due to Miss A’s girl crush concepts, fans rarely got to see Suzy decked out in jewels and accessories.

Suzy in Miss A.

As Lee Doo Na, Suzy absolutely shines! To look the part of a top idol, Suzy wore a flouncy pink mini dress in stills for the show.

| Netflix

Fans were also surprised to see more familiar faces on screen. As Suzy plays the part of “the most popular member of her group,” they had to hire other actresses to play the minor roles of her fellow group members. Dancers Rian and Simeez from Lachica took the stage with Suzy. Actress Go Ah Sung also made a surprise cameo as a group member.

Top row: Rian, Suzy, unnamed actress. Bottom row: Simeez, Go Ah Sung. | Netflix

Netizens were both excited for the cameos, as well as to Suzy back in her idol form. As many know, she is currently focusing on her acting rather than being an idol.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Wow, everyone looks insane, I don’t even need to say it. Ah Sung is crazy.
  • I’m seeing idol Suzy.
  • Oh, Rian and Simeez.
  • I love it…
  • I can’t see anyone but Suzy.
  • ?? Huh? What’s this combination? Go Ah Sung is in Doona! too?
  • Kyaaa, it’s great to see Simeez and Rian as idols like this.
  • What’s up with Ah Sung? She suits it.

Suzy left the music industry to focus on acting after her solo album in 2017, Yes? No?. She will soon be releasing a digital single for fans come October 2023.

Source: theqoo