Heartbreaking Video Message From Taemin To Jonghyun’s Future Self

A video message Taemin recorded for Jonghyun, before his death, has gone viral after being rediscovered by fans.

The clip was originally recoreded for Mnet‘s “4 Things Show”, a documentary-style program that focuses on four unique topics that a featured artist discusses. The artist and their close friends are asked questions that relate to the four topics. Their answers are meant to help show viewers the featured artists true personality and not just their “idol image”.

For Jonghyun’s episode, his close friend on the program was Taemin. Taemin was asked what Jonghyun would be like 10 years later (in 2025) and to record a message with that in mind.

“I don’t know what Jonghyun will be like, he could be married, but I’m sure he’ll be well off. He’s probably going to be writing songs and doing his own music comfortably.

For some reason I feel like we could produce something together and it will be fun. I’m sure he’ll be smiling though.

He’ll definitely more happy than he is right now.”

– Taemin

In the same episode, Jonghyun also breaks down in tears as he talks about being afraid to be himself. He shares that he’s terrified of being judged and what people will think about his true personality.

Jonghyun, as he talks about his fear of showing people his true personality.

“I haven’t showed many people this side to myself. I would be afraid about what they would think about me if I were to talk to them like this. It feels like no matter what I say, people will continue to judge me however they like.

I wanted to show my real side to prove that what people were saying was false, but I realized that it wouldn’t make a difference and instead pondered at why they thought those things about me.”

With this, I wanted to open up and show my frustrations. I thought many people didn’t want to know what I’m really like. There aren’t that many people that want to know the real me.”

— Jonghyun

Watch the full clip of Jonghyun’s confession, back in 2015, below:

Source: Mnet

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