Taeyang And Daesung Warn Seungri That They’re Watching What He Says About Them

They sent a special message to their maknae.

It’s no lie that Seungri has been an advocate for the BIGBANG members on TV. He’s frequently mentioned them on TV broadcasts and poked fun of their impressions during his concert.


During an interview for the 16th Ground Force Festival, Taeyang and Daesung sent a hilarious video message to Seungri, making sure he knew that they were well aware of what he said on broadcast.

“We aren’t able to watch every single broadcast, but I saw Seungri talking a lot about us.”

— Taeyang


Daesung advised Seungri to enjoy it while he can.

Enjoy it! Enjoy it while you can, and eventually you’ll come in and fulfill your duties.

— Daesung


And that he’s very excited to see him become a “full man” once he enlists in the army too.

“In my opinion, he hasn’t grown into a full man yet. I sincerely hope that you’ll become a true man after you become a soldier.”

— Daesung


And Daesung particularly wishes Seungri will enlist under him so that he can give him the friendliest training that he can get!

“You better enlist while I’m still serving! I am a trainer, so I’ll train him in the kindest way…”

— Daesung 


VIPs cannot wait for the special reunion between these three hilarious brothers!


Watch their full interview below: