Taeyeon Sends Emotional Goodnight Message To Jonghyun

She’s keeping her promise to make sure he’s not lonely.

Taeyeon just posted a photo to her Instagram with a note to Jonghyun, following his funeral earlier in the day. Her photo carries a simple message with it, reminiscing about her times with Jonghyun and the fun they had together.

“Good night Jonghyun. You did well today. We both wanted to leave a picture while we looked pretty with make up on. The day we both dressed in pink and sang ‘Lonely’ together.”

— Taeyeon

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Taeyeon is the third artist from SM Entertainment to upload a message to Jonghyun after his funeral. Key and Amber also shared letters, directed at Jonghyun, where they poured their heart out.

Following an extremely emotional day at Jonghyun’s funeral and burial, many are finding comfort in thinking back at Jonghyun’s best moments. More artists are beginning to share their thoughts on social media, to commemorate their beloved brother and friend.


SHINee Jonghyun's Passing