TOP Media Releases An Official Statement Addressing Teen Top C.A.P’s Recent Controversial Live Stream

He smoked and cursed during a live stream.

Teen Top‘s C.A.P recently got into controversy when he cursed and smoked during a live stream. He also made a few comments that netizens found to be careless, with the highly anticipated group comeback upcoming.

This also might sound like it’s coming from nowhere, but fuck it. I’m thinking of just not participating in the comeback. My contract ends in July anyways.

— C.A.P

He expressed his frustrations at people telling him not to smoke, wondering if he should be a part of the comeback. Following this, TOP Media updated fans with a statement after checking into the matter.


This is TOP Media. Firstly, we apologize for worrying fans and many others with the unsavory speech and actions during our artist C.A.P’s live stream. Currently, C.A.P is deeply reflecting and regretting having shown a lacking side of himself.

Similarly, our company feels responsible for not being adept in managing our artist. We will take special care so that similar issues do not occur in the future. Once more, we deeply apologize for our artist’s careless behavior that disappointed many.

As for contract renewals, that is something that we decided would be discussed after the comeback. We will update you on this at a later date.

We will do our best so that we can repay the fans who have been waiting for the comeback through good music and performances.

Thank you.

— TOP Media

Teen Top is slated to make a comeback in July 2023, after a three year hiatus.

Source: Sports Chosun

Teen Top

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