Teen Top’s Leader C.A.P Smokes And Curses On Livestream, Debates Whether He Should Participate In Group’s Comeback

Is it okay to respond like how he did?

Teen Top‘s leader C.A.P smoked on his livestream and after addressing the smoking, not only cursed but also threatened to not participate in Teen Top’s comeback.

During his latest live stream on May 8, C.A.P spent time painting in front of his fans before turning to talk to them. C.A.P currently operates his own personal YouTube channel under the name “뱃보이.” Since the group recently received increased popularity, he had more viewers, especially those of which whom were Teen Top fans in the past.

The first part of his broadcast was of him painting. While taking a break from his painting to chat with his viewers for a bit, he smoked a cigarette. Once he finished his painting, he started talking with his fans again, but then turned the topic to the newer viewers who may not have been watching his live broadcasts, and didn’t know that he smoked. This is where he addressed both his smoking and how he is thinking of not participating in Teen Top’s comeback.

Just now during the broadcast, I smoked so there were comments asking me if I could not smoke during my live stream. You know what’s annoying about this? First of all, people who don’t usually watch my stream are suddenly watching because [Teen Top] is making a comeback and saying that I shouldn’t do that, and I honestly hate that kind of bullshit.

Why do those people come and spout that bullshit at me? You usually don’t consume my content but when I think about it, it’s because I’m part of a group and I think I may hurt the group. If that’s the case and you don’t like me, you should have said something before I went to the military, or at least six months ago.

This also might sound like it’s coming from nowhere, but fuck it. I’m thinking of just not participating in the comeback. My contract ends in July anyways.

— C.A.P

Around the later parts of his live broadcast, he started to smoke again in front of the camera even after his earlier comments, leading to a divided viewer base. Some viewers were continuing to ask him not to smoke on his live stream while others praised him for being himself. C.A.P did mention how he was trying to stop smoking and wanted to stop smoking before he enlisted in the military, but was not able to.

Earlier, it was confirmed that Teen Top would be making their first comeback in four years following a resurgence in the group’s popularity thanks to an appearance on Yoo Jae Suk‘s MBC variety show How Do You Play? 

TOP Media has since commented that Teen Top’s album release will proceed as planned.

Teen Top’s July album will be released without any issues. We are looking into the matters related to contract renewals.

— TOP Media

Watch the livestream below:

Source: Newsen

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