Teen Top’s C.A.P. Confesses That His Livestream Controversy Was Intentional Because He Wanted To Leave The Group

He knew that people would criticize him but he did it anyway because he desperately wanted to leave the group.

Teen Top‘s leader C.A.P. was recently under fire for smoking, cursing, and claiming he would leave the group in a recent livestream—he explained himself and expressed his opinions about the whole situation.


Recently, C.A.P. made headlines for smoking and cursing on his livestream. He also made a comment that he is considering not participating in Teen Top’s upcoming comeback.

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Two days after the incident, TOP Media announced that C.A.P. would be leaving Teen Top. The singer also posted an apology on his Instagram.

In a livestream on his YouTube channel on May 11, C.A.P. addressed the controversy about all that was happening. First, he revealed that in the controversial livestream, he spoke with the decision to leave already made in his mind and felt bad for doing that.

Honestly, I think I already made up my mind already when I said those things. I felt a bit sorry about that.

— C.A.P.

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However, he clarified that he wasn’t sorry to everyone—only those who had expectations for him. When a viewer sent an encouraging message, “You didn’t do anything wrong,” C.A.P. clarified that he believed he did nothing wrong. He only felt sorry about lying to everyone that he was pretending to think about leaving the group when he had already made up his mind that he was going to.

But honestly, when I say sorry, I’m not sorry to everyone. You understand, right? I’m not sorry to everyone but to those who had expectations for me.

— C.A.P.

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He then confessed that he “knew this would happen” and that people would criticize him, but he was already considering leaving the group.

I knew this would happen. Honestly, I was already thinking of leaving the group; I just didn’t tell you all. I couldn’t tell you properly and lied that I was thinking of leaving when I had already made up my mind, so I felt sorry about that. My original thought was to leave the group. But I felt like I lied to you, so I feel bad.

— C.A.P.

C.A.P. and the Teen Top members | @official_teentop/Instagram

In fact, he said he made a rash decision to “be controversial” intentionally because he tried a few times to leave the company but failed.

Actually, I tried a few times to leave the company and during the contract renewal season, I had a lot to say and many things happened. I realized that to really put an end to this, I needed to create trouble so I could leave. I knew I’d get criticized and that it would affect the team, but people are going to criticize anyway. And if I leave the group, the haters will no longer have a target to criticize, so I thought this was a good solution and made an extreme decision to do that.

— C.A.P.


C.A.P. then revealed that he had tried to talk with people but didn’t have the courage to reach out for help. When he did reach out to people, they were busy and didn’t pick up his calls. He also said he was dealing with an inferiority complex at the time and he didn’t like that his personal issues were affecting the group.

However, he revealed that things between him and the Teen Top members were fine; he went to see the members, apologized for what he did, and ended things on a good note with them. He shared he got teary-eyed talking to them.

After talking with the group yesterday, Jonghyun contacted me. Niel had a schedule so he couldn’t be there to talk but he texted me that he is thankful and that he loves me, which is something he never said in the past 15 years we knew each other. We never said that kind of stuff to one another, but in the morning, I got a very long message from him where he said he thanks and loves me at the end. I did something wrong to my dongsengs (younger brothers) but the fact that they understood and thought of me made me really happy.

— C.A.P.


However, he could not deny that he didn’t feel good about the whole situation because he and Teen Top were so close—and he was confident they would always continue to be on good terms with one another.

Meanwhile, C.A.P. found it funny that he was on the news for his behavior on the livestream. He didn’t think it would become such a big issue and laughed, saying he does not care what the media says about him. Lastly, he shared that he will continue to make music.

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