“He Works So Hard…” — Korean Netizens Are In Full Support Of Former Teen Top’s C.A.P And His Surprising New Career Path

We hope he is happier!

Former Teen Top‘s C.A.P recently withdrew from the group after admitting to purposely acting out on live stream to be able to leave the idol life. He had smoked and cursed on live stream, disappointing many fans who were waiting for the group’s comeback. After finding out about his true intentions and struggles, everyone is now in full support of him.

C.A.P., who has always been good with his hands, has been selling his artwork ever since the group became less active. Having been a stellar art student before going into singing, his paintings are top-class.

Apart from painting, he has recently started a new career path. He recently posted a five-star review that he had received after doing some weeding work for a customer.


He came right on time and did a very clean job. He also cleaned up well after, and he was swift. He’s the best.

— Review

C.A.P expressed how he felt with the caption, “pr-oud.” Netizens were in full support of his new career path, praising him for working hard. Not everyone is willing to do hard labor nowadays!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • So he’s someone who works f*cking hard at life. Doing a job that suiting you is important.
  • It’s just that he didn’t suit being an idol. He’s a really diligent person, I see.
  • People should just live doing what they want.
  • He’s working real hard. He just really didn’t suit being an idol.
  • It’s so nice to see him working so hard.
  • He said he didn’t suit being a celebrity so I hope he has a good life now that he has found something that suits him.
  • Wow, so cool.

Hopefully, with his new career path, C.A.P will be able to lead a happier and more fulfilled life!

Source: theqoo

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