The New Trend Among Male K-Pop Idols That BIGBANG’s Taeyang Didn’t Expect

The veteran idol didn’t know he needed to join the trend.

With BIGBANG‘s Taeyang making a comeback six years after his previous one, he admitted there had been many changes in the industry. The veteran idol even learned about a new trend among K-Pop idols that surprised him.

Taeyang | @Realtaeyang/Twitter

During Taeyang’s appearance on The K-Star Next Door, his friend Jonathan pointed out two things he noticed when reviewing his idol profile. He said, “You insist on taking your top off often and unshaved armpits,” before revealing which one was uncommon.

Seeking answers as an MC, Jonathan asked, “If you look at the picture, for idols these days, shaved armpits are the trend. Is there a reason you don’t shave your armpits?

Taeyang was surprised and asked his own question, “Is that the trend now?” When Jonathan confirmed that all idols now “keep them clean,” Taeyang offered a hilariously apologetic reaction.

He then explained why he hadn’t shaved his armpits. Taeyang answered, “Back then, unshaved armpits were okay. Like a tough guy.

While the trend might’ve surprised Taeyang, it’s been a recent topic that’s divided fans, with SHINee‘s Key speaking about his dislike for completely removing the body hair. Maybe Taeyang can help him influence other idols to bring back the natural look.


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