TWICE’s Jihyo Officially Has A New MBTI, And Only Sana Can Relate To It

It’s a complete change!

There may be nine members in JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE, but for the longest time, Sana was the only extrovert! She and Chaeyoung even talked about it in-depth during their solo date by the Han River.

However, her days of being the only extrovert in the group is now all a thing of the past. According Jihyo in a recent vlog, her MBTI changed recently. “I’m an E now!” she exclaimed. The “Talk That Talk” singer is officially ESFP.

Sana sat beside her and shared her prediction that they’ll get even closer now that they have one more thing in common.

We have a commonality now, so we’ll be even closer.

— Sana

She then asked Jihyo what it feels like to be an extrovert and if anything has changed in her life these days. The TWICE leader thought for a moment before answering that she noticed she feels happier. She’s starting to experience joy from the small things in life.

I’m pretty happy these days. It’s not like big happiness, but I feel happy with every day things.

— Jihyo

Knowing how friendly and outgoing Jihyo is, it’s no surprise her MBTI changed. Who knows? In the future, there may eventually be another extrovert in TWICE!

| @_zyozyo/Instagram

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Source: YouTube


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