TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Asks JYP Entertainment To Release Recorded Conversation

He wants Nayeon’s fans to “make their own opinion” out of it.

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker is reaching out on Twitter in the hopes that JYP Entertainment‘s staff will respond to his requests.


Since October, Josh, a stalker fan from Germany, has been trying to get directly in touch with Nayeon in the hopes of forming a romantic relationship or friendship with her. Josh insists that he will only accept a rejection from Nayeon herself. He also feels that JYP Entertainment is spreading “fake news” about him.


In several YouTube videos, Josh shared his side of the story. He believes that JYP Entertainment gave the police incorrect information with the intention of destroying his reputation.

They really tried to strategically put me into a bad spotlight and they tried intentionally to destroy my reputation, and they are actively doing character assassination which is completely illegal.



On December 22, Josh once again tweeted about Nayeon’s agency. He is now asking JYP Entertainment to release an audio file that he claims was secretly recorded during their first conversation.


Josh also posted a frustrated tweet aimed at Nayeon’s fans, saying once again that he will return to Germany if that is what Nayeon wishes.


TWICE has been under police protection, with increased patrols around their dorm and their agency. If Josh comes into contact with you on social media or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you are encouraged to send all the information possible to so that they may investigate and pass the information on to the authorities.