Social Media Apps Pleads With Users To Stop Spreading Sensitive Videos And Unverified Speculations Regarding The Itaewon Halloween Tragedy

All should refrain from the spread of sensitive content.

The Itaewon Halloween tragedy is quickly becoming one of the saddening pieces of news globally. On October 29, an estimated 100,000 people gathered in Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. During the celebrations, people ended up trapped in the middle of a crowd surge in a narrow alley. Many people began to suffocate and suffer from cardiac arrest, with the death toll in the hundreds and thousands reported missing.

Emergency responders working to reach the crowd surge victims | @hyunsuinseoul/Twitter

Social media became the way for information to spread the quickest. Not only were people beginning to commemorate the victims in the matter, but the public began to dissect and discuss the tragedy. From guesswork of the cause to criticism of both the victims and the government to the spread of misinformation and graphic videos.

Kakao Daum Cafe made a public request to halt the writing of such posts. On October 30, 2022, they called for netizens to refrain from spreading speculations.

[Announcement] Request For Caution To Be Heeded With Posts About The Itaewon Tragedy

Hello. This is Kakao Daum Cafe’s service manager. We request for you to be cautious about posts and comments regarding the largescale accident that happened in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on October 29, where people lost their lives.

We hope you will refrain as much as you can from sharing and spreading unverified facts as well as from uploading videos or photos that expose the victims.

Please report any posts through the service center or otherwise, if you find any that may cause hurt to the victims or their families.

May those that were sacrificed in the accident rest in peace. Thank you.

— Kakao Daum Cafe

Twitter Korea also made a similar request.

Here is Twitter’s policy in response to sensitive media. Please take note of our policy about photos and videos of the site of the Itaewon accident, and if you find any problematic tweets, we hope you will report them. Also, please refrain from retweeting any sensitive tweets. May those that were sacrificed in the accident rest in peace.

— Twitter Korea

Given the highly sensitive nature of the tragedy, it is recommended that unverified facts are not shared on social media. Caution and consideration should also be exercised when it comes to photos and videos of the accident.

Source: Chosun

Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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