BigHit Launched An International TXT Fancafe And BTS Fans Are Pissed

TXT’s new international fan community is dividing the BTS fandom.

BigHit Entertainment has launched an international fan community for their upcoming group, Tomorrow x Together (TXT), and some BTS fans are really not happy about it.


On February 1, TXT announced the fancafe’s opening on their official Twitter account. This new online community, which offers fans a way to directly communicate with the TXT members, currently operates in three languages: Korean, English, and Japanese.


After the news broke, many BTS fans expressed their disappointment, frustration, and even outrage over the fact that TXT has received an international fan community before BTS. ARMYs have been requesting an international BTS community for a very long time.


Other ARMYs, however, are defending BigHit Entertainment and TXT. They believe that fans should not be comparing TXT’s projects to BTS’s, and say that ARMYs should be more patient.


Meanwhile, other ARMYs believe that TXT’s international community may be a prototype that BigHit Entertainment will later expand to BTS and future BigHit Entertainment artists.


Fans of both BTS and TXT are hoping that this issue will not divide the fandoms, and they are encouraging everyone to support both groups. They are also urging everyone to respect the rules of TXT’s community by not mentioning BTS or any other artists.

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