There’s Something Spooky About TXT’s Photos And Everyone Is Seriously Freaked Out

There may be more than meets the eye…literally!

Our minds are already whirling with new theories surrounding BigHit Entertainment‘s new boy group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), but there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to the members’ introductory photos.

6 New Hints And Clues About TXT’s Mysterious Debut Concept


A few days ago, BigHit unveiled the first member of TXT, Yeonjun. Besides his introductory video, fans got a glimpse at two photos of Yeonjun. One reflecting back sunshine yellow…


And another black and white close-up.


Now the second member, Soobin, has been revealed and like Yeonjun, BigHit released two photos. One yellow…


And one close-up.


The yellow photos have sparked their own sets of theories among netizens.


But it’s the other ones that are making people feel a little unsettled. That’s because when you take a closer look at the two photos…


You notice there’s something being reflected in their eyes.


While it could be a simple cameraman, the two images are too similar to be just a coincidence.


Since fans first noticed the strange image, they’ve been feeling a little bit shaken.


Who knows what this means but now we’ll have to wait and see if the other TXT members have the same mysterious reflection in their eyes too!

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