The Charms Of Each TXT Member As Revealed By TXT Themselves

They each revealed their own charms.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s new boy group, TXT (Tomorrow X Together), has successfully held their debut showcase on the afternoon of March 5th where they also revealed each member’s special charm.


Soobin, who is the leader of the group, was born in the year 2000 and was apparently chosen to be the leader of the group because his age was neither the youngest or the oldest among the other members. He has a comfortable charm that allows all the members to approach him without much difficulty. Soobin has previously revealed that his hobbies included reading, listening to music and “spacing out”.

Unlike the strong and charismatic leader that people generally think of when they think of a leader, I’m a supporting leader that takes care of the members from behind and that’s my charm. I think I was selected as a TXT member because I fit into the characteristics of the members in this way.

ㅡ Soobin


Yeonjun was born in 1999 and is the oldest among the TXT members. Having spent 4 years as a trainee, he is also known as the “legendary trainee” of Big Hit Entertainment. He excels in dancing, singing and even rap and also has a bright personality, often enjoying “dad jokes” much like BTS’ Jin.

I think they (Big Hit Entertainment) saw my diligence and passion when I went in for the audition. I also think I may have “suited” the image that they were looking for and that’s why they picked me.

ㅡ Yeonjun


Beomgyu, who was born in 2001, is known as the moodmaker of the group. As a talented guitarist, many are looking forward to what he has to bring to the table in terms of writing and composing music.

I’m in charge of making the mood in my team and I am actively supporting my members through my untiring energy. I am the only member in our team that uses a dialect and so I think my dialect may be my charm.

ㅡ Beomgyu


Taehyun, who was born in 2002, is a member who is full of bright energy. His specialties include soccer and chatting.

I think my charm is my loveliness.

ㅡ Taehyun


Huening Kai is TXT’s only foreigner member whose mother is Korean and father American. He was born in 2002 and is TXT’s maknae (youngest member). As a result, it’s not a surprise that his charm is his cuteness that makes even hyungs fall for him. Huening Kai’s specialty is playing instruments and with a father who used to be a singer in China, many look forward to all the musical potential he’ll fulfill as well.

My charm is the cuteness that makes even hyungs fall for me.

ㅡ Huening Kai

Source: Spotv news

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