Cheong San Vs. Soo Hyuk — “All of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Picks Her Ideal Type

How can you even choose?

The latest Netflix series to gain love and attention worldwide is none other than the zombie teen K-Drama All of Us Are Dead.

Following a group of students, the K-Drama shows the cast battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

The cast of the show | Netflix

Alongside the amazing storyline, the show has gained attention due to the visuals of the cast. In particular, two of the male characters who have gained attention are Cheong San, who is played by Yoon Chan Young

Yoon Chan Young as Cheong San | Netflix

And Soo Hyuk, who is played by Park Solomon!

Park Solomon as Soo Hyuk| Netflix

In the show, the two male characters form a love triangle with Nam On Jo (played by Park Ji Hoo). In the beginning, On Jo has romantic feelings for Soo Hyuk but is the unrequited love of the main character Cheong San.

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo | Netflix

Although circumstances made it difficult for On Jo to really find out who her “Prince Charming” is, it seems like the decision was much easier for actress Park Ji Hoo.

In a recent interview, Park Ji Hoo shared details about her own dating life, explaining that she didn’t have any.

I have never confessed to the opposite gender before. I also don’t have any dating experience. I think I enjoy having little love interests rather than confessing. I don’t know if that’s why, but I don’t have any idea what love is supposed to be.

— Park Ji Hoo for Tenasia

| @03_hu/ Instagram

Yet, despite not having much experience, she knew exactly which character she would pick out of Cheong San and Soo Hyuk, and it is very different from her own character.

(Cheong San) He is a pure man who only looks at me, but Soo Hyuk takes care of On Jo and Nam Ra. Personally, I think Cheong San, who only looks at me, is better than Soo Hyuk.

— Park Ji Hoo

| Netflix

Although Park Ji Hoo managed to pick and went with someone who gave his heart to On Jo, it would definitely be a tough decision for anyone. Both characters have their advantages… and they’re no doubt good-looking AF.

Soo Hyuk has always been a very popular choice. The handsome lad has the rugged visuals that have made him a quick fan favorite.

| Netflix
| Netflix 

Yet, as Park Ji Hoo explained, Cheong San is someone who is always caring towards the person he cares about and makes sure to give them all the attention.

| Netflix
| @yooncy1/ Instagram

Luckily, we don’t have to make the difficult decision between the two characters as it would be almost impossible to pick just one! You can read more about netizens’ own battles between the male characters below.

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