Video Of Former AOA Member ChoA Claiming Jimin Would “Beat” Them Resurfaces

“I think that has a lot to do with Jimin’s leadership.”

As Shin Jimin‘s bullying scandal continues to unfurl, many netizens and fans have been resurfacing old videos that may be connected to how she treated her members as a leader.

Another video has resurfaced from nearly 5 years ago when the AOA members appeared on 4 Things Show to talk about Jimin. During the questions, one asked how Jimin was as a leader.

ChoA then claimed that AOA is known to appear close and friendly with each other and that it stems from Jimin being the leader.

When ChoA finished, the others members vocally agreed.

Whether we go to the shop or anywhere, they say that AOA seems to have a truly close relationship. I think that has a lot to do with Jimin’s leadership.

— ChoA

ChoA went onto claim that Jimin listened to all of the members well and took care of the younger members.

All of the younger members are very kind too but Jimin took care of them well and listened to what each and every one of them had to say. So Jimin is the best leader!

— ChoA

But as soon as she finished, she added, “If we don’t phrase it like this, we get beaten up by Jimin.

It appeared to be a joke as the other members smiled in front of the camera and Jimin made a gesture as if threatening to beat someone up.

After the video resurfaced, netizens began speculating if Jimin had truly threatened the members to only speak about the good sides and possibly had a history of violence within the members.

The scandal began when another former member, Mina, uploaded multiple Instagram posts accusing Jimin of bullying her since they were trainees. FNC announced that Jimin has since left the group and retired from the industry.

Source: Top Star News

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