VIXX’s N To Leave Jellyfish Entertainment In Favor Of 2PM Taecyeon And So Ji Sub’s 51K

He has left the company.

VIXX‘s N will be leaving Jellyfish Entertainment in favor of joining 51K.

| Jellyfish Entertainment

According to an exclusive report from Sports Donga, N will be leaving Jellyfish Entertainment as he has decided not to renew his exclusive contract with the company. He was previously signed to Jellyfish Entertainment for the past 8 years.

Instead of staying with Jellyfish Entertainment, he has decided to join 51K, and is in the final stages of negotiating his new exclusive contract. 51K is currently home to a variety of actors, including 2PM‘s Taecyeon, So Ji Sub, and Lee Seung Woo. This move is N seeking to cement his status as an actor, and seeing Taecyeon’s transition from an idol to an actor was a factor in his decision.

In response to the report, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed N would in fact be leaving the company, but eased Starlights’ hearts, also confirming he will still be around for VIXX’s promotions.


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank all of the fans who have loved and supported our artist VIXX.

We would like to inform everyone that our exclusive contract with N expired on October 31. After a series of long discussions, we and N have mutually decided not to renew our contract. However, as a member of VIXX for the past 8 years, he will continue to participate in musical activities together with VIXX.

We sincerely thank N for his everlasting faith in us and each other, and we will cheer for N’s future.

We would like it if you continue to support N, who is beginning a new chapter in his life.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

N is now the second member of VIXX to leave the company. Ravi left the company in March 2019 and formed his own agency GROOVL1N. Just like N though, Ravi will still participate in VIXX’s future musical activities. In addition, Hongbin withdrew from VIXX in August 2020.

Source: Sports Donga and Sports Chosun


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