Wheesung Declines Interview At First Public Appearance After Incident With Amy

He had a lack of expression on his face throughout the event.

Wheesung has declined a request for an interview at his first public appearance after TV personality, Amy, accused him of various wrongdoings.

On May 9, Wheesung attended the 7th Korean Art and Cultural Awards ceremony where he won the Best Album Producer award.


On this day, Wheesung received particular attention from reporters as it was his first official public appearance since the controversy that arose between Wheesung and Amy.


MBC’s Section TV visited the event and requested an interview of Wheesung, who politely declined.

I won’t do any interviews. I’m sorry.

ㅡ Wheesung


During his award speech, he stated, “Musicians do not need to say many words. They can speak with their skills. From today on, I will only speak through my music.”


Wheesung, who had a lack of expression throughout the award ceremony, showed a bright smile for the first time after receiving flowers from a fan on his way down from the stage.


Meanwhile, Amy had previously revealed that she was forced to take the fall for using drugs with a celebrity friend, who she claimed conspired to film her being sexually assaulted to keep her mouth shut. Netizens followed the clues and accused Wheesung, who was known to be her good friend in the past.

Wheesung denied all accusations but Amy posted another cryptic message before deleting all of her Instagram posts. Wheesung later released recorded phone calls between Wheesung and Amy to clarify the truth.

Source: Dispatch