Aespa Winter’s Behavior Towards Ningning During 2023 WATERBOMB Goes Viral

A clip of Winter and Ningning quickly went viral.

Aespa‘s Winter is going viral for her thoughtful gestures towards Ningning during their recent Waterbomb performance.

On June 25, aespa members performed at 2023 WATERBOMB.

During the group’s performance, aespa’s Winter could be seen checking on Ningning to make sure her eyes were okay. In a now-viral clip, Winter could be seen asking Ningning, “Are your eyes okay?”

In another clip, Ningning drops her goggles while dancing, which Winter picks up before handing them back to her member.



Winter’s gestures towards Ningning are heartwarming, especially since Ningning had, in a previous interview, revealed that she is almost blind in her right eye.

My eyes were so bad that I had gotten surgery before. That’s why I am almost blind in my right eye.

— Ningning

It seems Winter was concerned for Ningning since the music festival is known for its water fights between performers and the audience, and it is common for performers to have water sprayed in their eyes.

Netizens praised Winter for her kind gestures and celebrated the close friendship between the members.

  • “Why do I love Winter asking Ningning if she’s alright so much?”
  • “If you watch them closely, the only member Winter outright takes care of is Ningning.”
  • “And during their performance, Ningning dropped her goggles, and Winter picked it up and held it for her until their performance ended.”
  • “Winter asks, ‘Are you okay? Is your eye okay?’ ㅠ.”
  • “Is there something wrong with Ningning’s eye? I’m asking because I do know. If her eye isn’t good, she shouldn’t perform at WATERBOMB.”
  • “Winter doesn’t make it obvious, but she has a unique way of showing affection… ㅜㅜ. She would read fan letters in the lounge… Her affection isn’t showy or loud, but deep, so once you like her, you like her deeply.”
  • “I like the fact that all four aespa members seem very close to one another.”
  • “She seems like she’s asking, ‘Are you alright? Is your eye okay?’ Her concerned expression is so sweet.”

Meanwhile, aespa is going viral for their awesome performance at 2023 WATERBOMB. Watch their full performance in the link below!

Source: wikitree