Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Reiterated His Innocence In Front Of YG Employees Right Before His Investigation

“I am not ashamed in the least bit…”

Yang Hyun Suk is said to have reiterated his innocence in regards to his prostitution solicitation accusations right before participating in police investigations.

According to numerous Insiders, Yang Hyun Suk made a statement in front of the YG employees ahead of his police investigation on June 26th.

I feel wronged in relation to the accusations of prostitution solicitation recently made through the press. I am not ashamed in the least bit. There is no need to be shaken.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


Yang Hyun Suk reported to the Seoul District Police Station for questioning at 4 pm on June 26th to participate in an investigation that lasted for 9 hours. It appears that he made this statement in front of the employees to calm the atmosphere of the company before attending the questioning.

Yang Hyun Suk had also sent a text message to a reporter, claiming that the police will announce his innocence very soon.

After MBC’s Straight aired about Yang Hyun Suk, he texted me about how he’s struggling through a difficult time. He also submitted witness testimonies and other documents related to his accusations.

But he also texted that he knows the police will soon declare him innocent and close the case regarding his prostitution scandal.

ㅡ Reporter Go Eun Sang


Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of soliciting prostitution for foreign investors and is additionally being investigated for possible tax evasion, corruption and interference with a drug case.

Source: SBS funE

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