Yongsan Police Station Responds To BTS Jungkook’s Car Accident

Yongsan police reveal some more details regarding Jungkook’s car accident.

According to the Yongsan Police Station, they responded, “It is correct that BTS‘s Jungkook has violated the Road Traffic Act. However, because he has not gone through prosecution yet, the charges may change, so we cannot confirm anything yet.”


They continued, “We are not sure where the story of Jungkook’s signal violation at the intersection came about. We don’t think the first report released was from the police.”

When asked about the progress of the investigation, they replied, “We have checked both the CCTV and black box. We are currently investigating to see if it is a part of the 12 car accident violation laws. We will judge the consequences according to the seriousness of the violation.”



“There could also be human injury as part of the 12 car accident violation laws. However, if there is only material damage, he could receive a fine and be let off without any other charges. Even if the taxi driver does not submit a medical report, and there are injuries, he will be held liable for criminal damage. The degree of the injury should be considered as well.

-Yongsan Police Station



Lastly, the police commented, “It seems that it will take about a month for all investigations to be completed. There is no fixed summon date, and we cannot reveal the details of whether or not the taxi driver has submitted a medical report.”



At the end of last month, Jungkook was involved in a car accident with a taxi driver in Hannam-dong. The details of the crash were not known at that time.

Big Hit Entertainment released a statement that revealed that Jungkook had admitted to the accident and have come to an agreement with the taxi driver.

Source: wikitree