B.I Drug Scandal

Han Seo Hee From B.I And Yang Hyun Suk’s Drug Scandal Meets With Prosecutors, States “There Were Threats”

The latest update in the B.I drug investigation.

Yang Hyun Suk To Be Sent To Prosecution After Police Find “Verifying” Evidence Of Bribery And Threats

They’ve found new evidence that discredit his story.

Yang Hyun Suk Arrives At Police Stations For iKON B.I’s Drug Investigations

He made a statement on his way inside.

Han Seo Hee Reveals Chat Log Shared with Her Mother During B.I and Wonho Controversies

The texts from her mother are full of love and support.

Police Confirm B.I Admitted To Drug Charges, Require Additional Investigations

Police confirmed the reports.

B.I Reportedly Admitted To Drug Charges, Considered A Suspect

He admitted to some charges.

Police Reveal Plans To Question B.I Over His Past Drug Scandal

They will begin investigations soon.

Police Provide Update On B.I’s Drug Scandal And Re-Investigation

The investigation will resume.

B.I Fan Sends Han Seo Hee Hate Messages, Han Seo Hee Responds

She shifted the blame onto Yang Hyun Suk.

Netizens Criticize Han Seo Hee For Her Response To Question Regarding B.I

“She’s definitely not sane…”