5 Underrated Groups That We Hope Will Shine in 2017

These groups might not be dominating the mainstream market, but they’ve certainly shown their potential to be superstars.

Despite overflowing with visuals and talent, some groups somehow haven’t yet hit their peak. But as the new year approaches, so does the chance for underrated groups to receive more exposure and appreciation for their hard work and talent. Here are five groups who are expected to be on the rise this coming year.

1. Lovelyz

Lovelyz wowed everyone with their iconic a capella cover of Michael Jackson‘s hit song “Beat It” back in November of last year. The girls are clearly talented and consistently put out amazing music. The music videos have shown off their wide range and have proven that the girls can really do anything. After setbacks with rumors and injuries, the industry definitely hasn’t been too kind to the group so far. However, the girls of Lovelyz never fail to deliver good content and stay positive.


In the past, INFINITE’s timing hasn’t been the best with releases, causing them to be overlooked time and time again. But the group has been releasing unique and revolutionary music since 2010. Their latest release “The Eye” was one of the few K-pop songs with lyrics exclusively in Korean, and their music video “Bad” was the first interactive experience in the industry.

3. Oh My Girl

Even idols are in love this group. Full of charm, Oh My Girl is a group that never stops putting smiles on their fans’ faces. With excellent visuals, killer dance moves, powerful vocals, and amazing concepts, they’ve really become a complete group. Although they’re not at the top yet, Oh My Girl is slowly but surely making a name for themselves.


The dark concept kings bring a new element to the world of K-pop with every comeback, having created a niche all on their own. Recognized for their talent and determination, VIXX never fails to do right by Starlights.


As a group, they’re the whole package in terms of looks, vocals, rapping, and dancing. They contribute in composing, choreographing and writing their music, but have yet to strike gold to propel them to mainstream stardom. Though loved by many, there is still a lot of potential for them to do even better.