Six TWICE Gifs That Are The Perfect Reaction Images For Any Time

The NHK is providing tons of content for ONCEs lately!

The Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK), known in English as Japan Broadcasting Corporation, has been putting out a lot of TWICE content on their Twitter page, even hosting a game called “TWICE Dance Guess” on their social account! They’ve been heavy-handed with the TWICE content to promote the group’s appearance on their September 29 their program Shibuya Note.

Continuing their TWICE love-fest, the NHK uploaded gifs of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, and Dahyun that make for the perfect reaction images to send your friends in text, Line, or KakaoTalk!

Nayeon’s gif was a happy reaction. Perfect for celebrating all life’s good moments, like finding out your new song surpassed 50 million views in just three days!

Jeongyeon’s gif is a “saiko” react. Saiko is the Japanese phrase for something that’s awesome or the best, like TWICE becoming the best-selling K-Pop girl group in Japan!

Momo’s gif represents the feeling of getting angry. When someone eats the last French fry (a TWICE favorite), you can send them this “okoru” reaction gif!

Sana’s gif shows her being sleepy, with cute cartoon Z’s appearing behind her as she “sleeps”. You can let bae know you’re feeling tired by sending this sweet gif.

Jihyo is throwing up the double “OK” sign in her gif. This is the perfection reaction image for when you agree with someone, especially when they ask if you want to go out for snacks!

Dahyun is the cutest embodiment of sadness we’ve ever seen. This gif is a great reaction image for when something sad happens, like when a friend gets hurt preparing a snack for you.

Be sure to save these TWICE gifs to send to your friends, because you never know when you’ll need the perfection reaction image.