Just 14 Photos Of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Burning It Up On The Court To Make Your Heart Go Wild

He’s king of the basketball court:

While ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is the master of everything from singing to acting, he’s also a true king on the court! Eunwoo has always shared his love for basketball with fans and was even captain of the basketball team when he was studying!

Since joining SBS‘s Handsome Tigers, a basketball reality program, fans have gotten to see Eunwoo display his skills, share his passion, and have a blast on the court! And recently, a series of photos from the show have been circulating online. With his passion, charisma, and heart overflowing, it’s no wonder they’re driving everyone wild!

1. The perfect shot in every way

2. Running the court

3. And ruling the court

4. Just shooting some hoops

5. And it’s nothing but net!

6. Stealing our hearts…

7. And the leaderboard

8. Whether he’s lining up the perfect shot…

9. Or planning the perfect move…

10. Eunwoo’s ready to burn it up on the court

11. Defense…

12. Or offense…

13. Eunwoo’s passion comes alive on the court…

14. And sets all our hearts ablaze!

Source: The Qoo