BigHit May Have Given BTS Fans A Huge Hint About TXT In 2018

Eagled-eyed fans spotted a possible clue about TXT in the most unlikely place.

Big Hit Entertainment is known for leaving cryptic clues for BTS fans, and now TXT fans too, but one huge hint went unnoticed for months.


Big Hit Entertainment began teasing about their new boy group on January 9, by tweeting out a mysterious image with the caption “What do you do? What do you see?”.


The “coming soon” website link in that tweet redirected to TXT’s official website on January 10, when TXT’s first member, Yeonjun, went public. When this website was revealed, so was TXT’s official branding.


TXT’s “+” and “x” signs looked very familiar to some BTS fans. ARMYs later realized that they had seen TXT’s symbols way back in November 2018, during BTS’s Burn The Stage: The Movie.


In one scene, BTS has a meeting with their staff about the American Music Awards. On a laptop screen, a symbol that looks very much like TXT’s “+ x” can be seen.


Some fans claim this symbol may have been part of a rebranding for BTS’s own website…


…but this uncanny resemblance can’t be denied!

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