THE BOYZ’s Q Broke Down In Tears During An Online Fan Meeting

He was so touched by their words!

During a fan meeting, THE BOYZ‘s was so overwhelmed when talking to one of his fans that he couldn’t help but burst into tears!


Last year, after the release of THE BOYZ’s fifth extended play, Chase, they held a video call event as a way to remain in touch with fans despite COVID-19.

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One fan, in particular, showered him with compliments throughout the video call. In fact, they told their followers on social media that they had listed 10 reasons why they are thankful to have him in their life.

He was so overwhelmed by their kindness and heartfelt words that he couldn’t help but get emotional. Eventually, he ended up crying and even had to grab a tissue to wipe his tears.

You can watch the video here:

Recently, TXT‘s Soobin also broke down in tears during a fan meeting due to a fan’s kind words. Read about it below:

TXT’s Soobin Breaks Down In Tears During An Online Fan Meeting

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