BTS’s J-Hope Teased ARMY With His “Hot Body”, And The Thirst Is Real

Nobody was ready for his sudden attack.

Somebody pour ARMY a tall glass of water because J-Hope has left them parched! 

After seven emotional episodes, BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries has come to an end on May 28. In the finale, the members shared their sincere thoughts on friendship and the future, but there were plenty of funny moments too.

Toward the end of the episode, each member revealed how he wants the rest of the group to think of him. One moment during J-Hope’s segment was, shall we say, distracting?

While changing backstage, J-Hope had the audacity to look into the camera and say, “Everyone, do you know what lies below here? J-Hope’s hot body.” 

“Aren’t you curious?” 

Um, does he even need to ask?

As always, fans were defenseless against J-Hope’s sudden attack…

…but they’re not complaining…


“So show me (I’ll show you)”. Suddenly, these “Magic Shop” lyrics have a whole new meaning!

Quench your thirst here, if you dare.

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