BTS’s V Wasn’t Feeling RM’s Ideas, And His Reaction Had Jimin Wheezing 

Their little creative differences brought big laughs.

Teamwork makes the dream work…except when it doesn’t!

In Episode 7 of BT21 UNIVERSE 3, BTS added new chapters to BT21‘s. Previously, the members created anti-fans named AT21Slytherin Suga failed to use magic, and CEO Jin came up with outrageous ways to fundraise.

While brainstorming tragic stories for Shooky and VanJimin and V had similar ideas, but RM was on a totally different page.

V envisioned a heartfelt scene where Van breaks down, sacrificing himself, and his robot eyes sadly flicker out…

…as he says his last words.

Suddenly, RM added this: Van’s death would be televised across the BT21 universe. His members paused awkwardly, and you could practically hear the crickets chirping.

That’s not what Writer V was going for!

Jimin burst out laughing, disappearing from the frame, as RM floundered through an explanation that V eventually accepted.

In the end, teamwork paid off after all!