BTS’s Jimin Once Barged Into Ha Sungwoon’s House For One Simple Message

Cause that’s what friends do, right?

Solo singer-songwriter and former HOTSHOT and Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon celebrated his birthday with a live broadcast.

Ha Sungwoon | 하성운 (HA SUNGWOON)/VLIVE

During the live broadcast, he revealed that although he was going to sleep early for his birthday, a close friend attempted to call him to wish him a happy birthday. When he didn’t pick up the call, the friend showed up at his home!

I was going to sleep a bit early on my birthday but a friend-nim called me. At first, I didn’t pick up, but he just barged in. So I received birthday wishes, celebrated my birthday yesterday.

— Ha Sungwoon


At that time, Ha Sungwoon didn’t reveal his friend’s identity. Yet, later, he was asked by a fan if BTS‘s Jimin had greeted him for his birthday, knowing of their iconic friendship.

‘Did our Jiminnie wish you a happy birthday?’

— Ha Sungwoon reading fan’s question


Ha Sungwoon then disclosed that the friend he previously mentioned was, in fact, Jimin! He personally shared how thankful he is to have a friend like Jimin as the BTS member “has a lot of jeong.” “Jeong” is a Korean word with no direct to English translation, but it basically is “feeling, love, sentiment, passion, human nature, sympathy, heart.”

Everyone, the friend who came over yesterday was Jimin. I’m so thankful. He’s a very kind friend. He has a lot of jeong. He’s the friend who I love the most.

— Ha Sungwoon


These two’s friendship goes way back! They’re literally friendship goals.

They have even vacationed together in Hawaii! Jimin shared a vlog as part of BTS’s vacation log series, and Sung Woon appeared in it.

Hey. Hey, Cloud! Here’s the prettiest cloud.

— Jimin

They’ve celebrated holidays, such as New Year’s together…


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They always support each other in whatever they do.

Please give lots of cheers and support for Sungwoon. He’s a brother who is really nice and sings very well. #JIMIN #HaSungwoon #Produce101Season2

— Jimin

Jimin hugging Sungwoon after Wanna One won “Song of the Year” at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards.

I’ll support you on too, hyung. You’ve worked hard.

— Jimin

Jimin and Sung Woon are truly best friends! Read more about their iconic friendship below:

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