BTS’s Jimin Can’t Escape RM’s Spoilers… No Matter How Hard He Tries

Once again, Jimin was powerless to stop RM from saying more than he should.

BTS‘s RM is forever dropping spoilers, and most of the time it happens in front of Jimin!

For example, RM revealed that the BTS WORLD OST would have songs by BTS subunits…

…and he tried, too late, to snip out his mistake.

He also revealed part of BTS’s Muster setlist — accidentally, of course.

In another live broadcast with Jimin, RM dropped hints about the 2019 Summer Package in Korea…the day before its first preview went public. Whoops!

Each time this happens, it’s Jimin’s job to do damage control and feign ignorance. Spoiler? What spoiler?

On April 14, Spoiler King RM returned for a special “MiniMoni” coffee-making episode. Within 30 seconds of his arrival, RM blurted out Jimin’s plans.

So much for that surprise!

When RM realized, belatedly, that their coffee show was streaming live, Jimin’s life flashed before his eyes. What if RM had dropped a major spoiler rather than a little one?

Now that RM knows he’s being watched by millions of fans, he won’t drop any more spoilers, right?

Wrong. At the end of the MiniMoni show, RM started to share details about Episode 100 of Run BTS!, but Jimin nipped that right in the bud. No more spoilers today, please!