BTS’s Jimin Taught Halsey His Signature Shoulder Move And Everyone Is Living For It

Or maybe it was just another “accident.”

ARMYs are 100% convinced that BTS‘s Jimin taught Halsey one of his signature moves and it’s the best thing ever!


On May 1, BTS and Halsey performed their collaboration, “Boy With Luv”, live together for the first time at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). From the moment they stepped on stage, they brought some serious fire and had the whole crowd cheering with their flawless performance.


There were lots of moments that instantly captured fans’ hearts, including Jimin’s amazing multitasking skills and the moment Halsey bore her shoulders in an epic shoulder shrug.


The move might have gone completely unnoticed, if not for the fact that eagle-eyed ARMY were very familiar with the gesture!


The move in question was none other than Jimin’s signature shoulder reveal. The one that all started during “Blood Sweat & Tears” and that he insisted was simply an accident!


But it looks like that “accident” rubbed off on Halsey too!


Fans are convinced that Jimin went into full-on teacher move and taught his signature style to Halsey.


Some ARMY were even willing to bet on it!


Whatever prompted the shoulder exposure though, everyone is absolutely loving it and their adorable friendship! To see even more heartwarming BTS Billboard moments, see Jimin’s sweet hug with Halsey, BTS’s reaction to Halsey’s solo, Jimin’s photobombing moment, and make sure to check out a fancam of their performance together here!