BTS’s Jimin Was Ready To “Throw Hands” When J-Hope Accidentally Interrupted Him

Jin thought J-Hope was a part of the story.

In episode 143 of Run BTS!, Jimin was ready to “throw hands” with J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope (Left) & Jimin (Right)

The members were tasked with creating fairy tales in the episode. RM and Jimin made a fairy tale named “Cloud, The Warrior of The Earth.”

When RM was narrating the story, there was a “sudden interruption” as someone cleared their throat! Jimin let this person know that they were recording.

The “culprit” was none other than J-Hope, who was clearing his throat after drinking some water!

J-Hope quickly apologized, but the members decided to tease him a bit, with Jin saying that he thought J-Hope’s interruption was part of the narration!

Here are more moments from the episode below!

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Source: Run BTS!