BTS Jin And J-Hope’s Iconic “Life Goes On” Choreography Almost Made An Appearance At The GRAMMYs

They love the dance as much as ARMY does!

BTS often contribute in creating the choreography for their songs, but this one was totally unexpected!

Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, RM, V, J-Hope, and Suga. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In a recently posted video about the group’s performance for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards, the members were getting ready in their dressing room. Jin was pretending to interview RM and J-Hope couldn’t help but join them (while Jungkook clung to RM’s arm).


Jin asked RM to talk about the group’s performance. Instead of introducing their actual song, “Dynamite,” RM said that the group were performing “Life Goes On” and even called the alternative hip-hop track a “ballad.” J-Hope and Jin then decided to show off their creative choreography for their song!


In true BTS fashion, they went for the interpretive approach, dancing along to the words. The moves went as follows: “Like an echo…


…in the forest…”


“…the day will…


“…come back around…”


“…as if nothing happened.


The 63rd GRAMMY Awards were on March 14, 2021, but Jin and J-Hope actually premiered their choreography a month earlier on TikTok! They even added emojis to follow along so ARMY could learn the moves.


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♬ Life Goes On – BTS

It’s totally reminiscent of when BTS filmed a music video for their song “Spine Breaker,” fully styled, choreographed, directed, and filmed by the members themselves.

| Bangtan Peach/YouTube 

And Jin even came up with an iconic dance for “Spring Day!”


Jin and J-Hope’s choreography for “Life Goes On” may not have made its debut at the GRAMMYs, but we’re sure ARMYs will whip it out during the next BTS tour! Check out the full video below to see the dance.

Source: BANGTANTV, Bangtan Peach and KBS WORLD TV