BTS’s Jungkook Picks Between His Long And Short Hair

ARMY love both styles.

BTS‘s Jungkook continually goes viral as he shows off his handsome visuals, whether he’s turning the airport into his personal runway

Performing on stage

Or driving ARMY crazy by modeling for Calvin Klein.

As Calvin Klein has started a “round 2” of content with their new ambassador Jungkook, they’ve sent the internet into a meltdown with more sexy pictures. And the brand also asked Jungkook a series of questions, asking him to pick between two choices, like whether he prefers sexy or casual fashion.

| @CalvinKlein/Twitter 

They also asked him to pick between short and long hair, which might reassure ARMY about the hairstyle he will keep in the future.

“Long hair or short hair” | @CalvinKlein/Twitter 

Jungkook has sported many hairstyles in the past, trying out a wide array of colors…

And hairstyles of different lengths. Undeniably, Jungkook looks amazing whether his hair is short…

| @LittIePu9/Twitter
| @_biencastle/Twitter

Or long.

| @LittIePu9/Twitter
| @jhsjoonie/Twitter

But fortunately for fans of Jungkook’s long hair, the idol picked it as his preference.

Jungkook selected long hair | @CalvinKlein/Twitter 

For the most part, fans seemed to wholeheartedly agree with his choice.

You can watch the full video here.


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