BTS’s Jungkook Goes Viral For His Reassuring Message To A Nervous ARMY

He knew just what to say 💜

BTS has made fans feel more like friends since their debut with his sweet way of incorporating ARMYs in major moments in their lives as well as more casual moments.

BTS’s maknae Jungkook is no different, dedicating hours on numerous occasions to host live streams with ARMYs to check in and oftentimes entertain.

BTS’s Jungkook | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Since BTS’s group activities have slowed with the enlistment of their oldest member Jin, the members have shifted their focus to individual ventures.

Jungkook made many ARMYs emotional when he officially made history as the first Korean artist to perform at the FIFA World Cup Qarar 2022 opening ceremony that took place in November.

BTS’s Jungkook performing at the “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022” | @soccerdotcom/Instagram

Jungkook has since mostly kept to himself, admittedly enjoying his time as a homebody in recent months while taking a well-deserved break after ten years of hard work and busy schedules.

Last week, Jungkook excitedly checked in with ARMYs in a special way, hosting a 4+ hour-long live broadcast with special appearances from his beloved dog Bam (also known as Bahm), his fellow maknae-line member V, and a chatroom appearance from BTS’s leader RM.

BTS’s Jungkook and V during their joint Instagram Live | @sugatradamus/Twitter

Just days after his four-hour live stream, he went live again for an impromptu chicken mukbang while he watched Netflix.

Both live streams were filled with memorable moments from Jungkook singing over 30+ karaoke songs, the beginnings of “JK Marry Me,” RM’s drunken appearance, and more.

A heartwarming moment from Jungkook’s first of the two live streams has recently been earning attention and praise from fans.

As BTS has gained fans around the world with their meteoric rise to global fame, chats during their live stream are often beautifully filled with numerous languages, showing the group’s incredible influence.

Even if not every ARMY understands when the BTS members speak Korean, many make an effort to follow along as best as they can and interact with the members in their native language.

Messages to Jungkook in multiple languages | Weverse

Translation apps have come a long way since machine translation began in the 1990s. Although progress has been made, auto-translations aren’t always perfect and have led to some hilarious confusion and mistranslations.

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One ARMY confided in Jungkook during his live stream, sharing that they were nervous about using a translation service to communicate with him in case their message didn’t come across as intended.

Jungkook sought out the message and had a thoughtful reply for the ARMY and anyone else who may have similar fears.

| @archivejkks/Twitter 

The sweet maknae gently encouraged the ARMY to translate the message and send it to him, gesturing in a welcoming way.

| @archivejkks/Twitter 

He reassured the ARMY that he was happy to receive the message, and since he’s who the message was meant for, that’s all that matters.

Either way, I’m the one who’s reading it. So if I’m fine with it, everything is good. Right?

— Jungkook

| @archivejkks/Twitter

The touching exchange quickly went viral, gaining over 179,800 views on Twitter, with the Tweet itself earning 568,200 views and 30,600 likes.

Netizens reacted to Jungkook’s kindness, feeling emotional as some related to the fear of using a translation app when messaging the BTS members.

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