You’ll Want To Be A Photographer ASAP After Finding Out How This Photo Of BTS Was Taken

So who else wants to take up photography now?

BTS recently stunned fans and melted hearts with their latest photoshoot and interview with Entertainment Weekly for their April issue. While the photos, interviews, and more have been going viral online, there’s one picture in particular that has sparked interest among fans.


The stunning photo that has everyone gasping for breath is this photo that captures BTS from below.


But this photo isn’t what it may appear. Looking at the photo, one might assume that the picture was taken by a camera that was set on the ground and timed precisely but that’s not how photos like that are actually taken!


The senior picture editor of Entertainment Weekly, Michele Romero, recently revealed the secret to photos like this on Instagram while sharing several behind the scenes photo cuts. It turns out that while a camera is on the ground, so too is a photographer!


A photographer lays down on the floor, gets surrounded by boxes, and eventually surrounded by who their shooting. In this case, BTS!


Being completely surrounded by your bias group? Um, yeah that sounds amazing!


Now we’re off to practice our photography skills! Check out even more behind the scenes cuts below: