Jimin Called RM Out About His Clumsiness And This Is How He Reacted

He brought up RM’s recent struggles with technology.

It looks like the “God of Destruction” still hasn’t lived down his reputation!


Since BTS‘s debut, RM has destroyed many things without even trying. Things like sunglasses…




…and Jungkook‘s shirt.


(Not that we’re complaining…)


It’s been six years but, according to Jimin, the “God of Destruction” is still on a rampage. On June 6, RM and Jimin went live with ARMY to talk about a BTS WORLD spoiler, past arguments between the members, and…RM’s clumsiness.


When RM advised Jimin not to fiddle with the camera, Jimin said that RM is the only one who has problems with it.


RM glared intensely at Jimin…


…but he couldn’t deny the truth.


To further his point, Jimin brought up another one of RM’s technological accidents. On stage, RM once kicked a monitor without even noticing.


Thankfully, the monitor survived!


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