BTS’s Suga Was 200% Min PD-Nim While Watching Heize Perform At 2019 MMA

He watched with his producer eyes.

There are two sides of BTS‘s Suga — his superstar idol side…


…and his Min PD side. As Min PD-nim, Suga is less meow and more serious. And at the 2019 MMA, Suga was 200% in his Min PD mode as he watched Heize perform “We Don’t Talk Together”, which he produced himself.


As soon as the song began to play, his fellow BTS members proudly glanced over at him…


… but Min PD-nim was all business!


Suga seemed frozen in time, as he watched Heize perform his work of production. Only as the song continued, Min PD-nim slowly loosened up and went back to being Suga!


After the song received the “Best R&B/Soul Award”, Heize thanked Suga for producing such a bop for her.

‘We Don’t Talk Together’ is a masterpiece, really. I would like to sincerely thank Min PD-nim for producing this song for me.

— Heize


What a proud moment that must have been for Min PD-nim!


Watch BTS’s reaction to Heize’s killer performance of “We Don’t Talk Together” here:


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