BTS V’s Adorable Interaction With His “Inner Child” Actor Has Our Hearts Melting

V couldn’t get over how cute he was, and neither could we!

BTS‘s famously gets along well with every child he meets, no matter where they are. V is super close with his younger siblings and cousins, and his experience hanging out with younger kids shines when he interacts with kids on set!

V (right) and Lee Dam (left). | HYBE 

His interactions with Lee Dam, the child model who played his “Inner Child” during BTS’s Map Of The Soul ON:E concert, were no exception! V couldn’t help but smile at how adorable Lee was, especially when the boy was too shy to stay with V and immediately walked away after taking a picture.


The two were styled in perfectly matching looks, from their clothes to their hairstyle.


V had the sweetest smile on his face when Lee said he was feeling nervous before filming!


The idol knew just how to get Lee to relax and have fun; V told him that if the filming goes well, he’ll buy him some delicious food! V even mentioned that he had cash on him that he could use to buy him something.


Later, Jimin revealed to V that Lee would smile at V whenever the two made eye contact, but as soon as V looked away, so did Lee! They both gushed over how adorable he was.

Jimin (left) and V. | HYBE 

While V was incredibly professional on set, even self-directing parts of his performance, he was nothing but friendly and kind to Lee! It definitely paid off as the performance came out perfectly. Their adorable interactions didn’t end once the concert did: V sent Lee a teddy bear that Lee named Taetae! It was definitely a special event for both V and Lee Dam.


Check out a clip from the movie below!

Source: YouTube