BTS’s V Knows All About ARMY’s Genius Fan Theories

He talked about ARMY’s theories while shooting for BTS’s “ON” MV.

From inside jokes to fan art, BTS‘s knows all about ARMY’s world, including their brilliant fan theories!

For years, ARMYs have deconstructed and reconstructed the BTS Universe by piecing together symbolism, references, finding the links between BTS’s MVs, and more.

On March 2, BangtanTV uploaded a “Shooting Sketch” episode that takes viewers behind the scenes of the “ON” MV. In it, brings up ARMY theories while talking about his neck tattoo.

“This is a temporary tattoo of sharp thorns digging into my neck,” V began. He previously explained, on Weverse, that the marking was his own idea.

“When I see ARMY having theories about our MV, a lot of them are beyond our imagination.”

“I look forward to many theories this time too,” he said, then pointed at his neck.
“What this means.”

V’s wish was ARMY’s command! Check out these intriguing theories about V’s neck tattoo here…

These Fan Theories Behind V’s Neck Tattoo In “ON” Will Make You Love It Even More

…and watch the “Shooting Sketch” here: