BTS’s “V Hit” Playfully Stressed Out The Staff Just Because He Can

He had a rebellious moment during his birthday live stream.

Jin (aka “Jin Hit”) is famous for flouting Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules, but he’s not the only rebellious BTS member. “V Hit” is following in his footsteps!

On December 30, V hosted a live stream to celebrate his 25th birthday. He chose which animal represents him best (tiger or bear), revealed his new height, and weighed in on the “one butt or two butts” debate.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Naver

He also dropped spoilers about his highly-anticipated first mixtape…while stressing the staff out!

When V played snippets of his songs for fans, he looked up mischievously to gauge the staff’s reaction…

…and started laughing.

“Sorry, I don’t really listen to the agency,” V said.

Hmm. That sounds familiar!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Naver

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