CL Gives Fans Another Sneak Preview Of Her New Unreleased Music

CL may be hinting at her upcoming American debut!

Fans have eagerly been waiting for any news of CL‘s music for a long time. Her fans may even argue that they’ve been waiting for her since 2016 when she released her Lifted EP.

The singer-songwriter has not released any solo work since the EP. Soon after, she went on a tour but then her music seemed to cease.


Then, fans got news that CL was working on building her American debut. The information seemed even more promising since CL was featured in Lil Yachty‘s “Surrender”.


Then, fans experienced a setback. Since CL would be working on the soundtrack for “My Little Pony: The Movie”, any new music would need to be pushed back.

Even after the movie was released fans were still left wondering when exactly her American debut would be.


2017 passed without any more news, but fans were soon blessed with two previews of upcoming songs. The first was a live acoustic version of a song titled “I’ll Be There” that made waves in Korea for its sweet and powerful vocals.


Aside from the Korean song, what really got international fans excited was the second preview. CL uploaded a preview of another upcoming song called “All In” on her Instagram account complete with a look at the unreleased MV that had been filmed for it.

The song was in English, giving fans a glimpse as to what her American debut might be like.  CL also apologized to her fans for taking so long to upload anything. She even admitted that the MV had been recorded the previous year but because of her hectic schedule, she was unable to release it.


After the releases, CL came back with a vengeance. In February, she gave a stunning performance at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and in March she gave an interview with Vogue magazine hinting that her debut would be happening very soon.


Fast forward to May and we now have a new sneak peek of her upcoming song!

The new preview features both English and Korean lyrics and includes both CL’s sweet singing as well as her epic raps.


While we still may not have an exact date for her debut, all of the activity and hints so far this year look like a very good sign that CL will be releasing something very soon!