Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung Praised For Quick Thinking … Not On My Watch, She Said!

Thrive, Dayoung, thrive!

Cosmic GirlsDayoung is known for many things – her adorable personality, her ability to befriend just about anyone, for being a Shin Dong Yeob lookalike, as well as for her latest foray into acting.

Recently, her professional attitude at work has been getting attention, even though the situation was rather hilarious looking back at it.

As the members of Cosmic Girls were on a broadcast meant to promote a chicken brand, Hosiki Chicken, the sharp-eyed member suddenly noticed that there was a bottle of Coca-Cola on the rolling cart. While most treated it with indifference, Dayoung leaped to her feet to remove the bottle and roll it out of the frame.

You might be wondering, why this is of importance. Well, two of the members of Cosmic Girls, Luda and Seola are currently the spokesmodels of Pepsi, along with Weki Meki‘s Yoojung and Doyeon, and Pepsi is a well-known rival of Coca-Cola due to the similar taste. The irony is that Dayoung herself is not promoting for the beverage brand, yet she caught what could have been a minor mistake before it was made.

As netizens praise her for being absolutely professional and quick-witted, fans have been amusing themselves with this throwback, to when Dayoung was barefaced at the airport, and had to greet reporters on scene. She comedically replied, “Hello, I’m Dayoung. It’s too early in the morning so my face has no manners now, so I gave it some. Please understand – it’s the morning.”

Barefaced or not, the quirky star has certainly captured the hearts of many with her outstanding sense and fast-thinking! Perhaps a CF is on the way for the deserving girl!

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)